On what basis should I decide to sell my property?

  • Property market in your city/locality: The residential property market is location-specific, so prices for various locations can vary. How quickly do you need that money? Do not sell your property in a rush, unless you desperately need the money. Getting the best deal can take patience, or even spend some money adding value to your home. You ought to remember the property’s rental return because it would be a source of stable revenue.
  • Price it right: The biggest mistake sellers make is being too high in pricing their property. The best way to determine the ideal price for your property is by checking with local brokers or listing it online on property portals.
  • Consider the taxes: How much you actually earn after selling the property depends on how long you hold the investment. When you sell your house within three years you forfeit the tax incentives.
  • In case of a mortgaged property: It takes a lot of paperwork to sell a house that has an unpaid debt. So, try paying the loan, and selling the house.