Is real estate a better investment as compared to the stock market?

The real estate market is close to the financial market, with the highs and troughs mostly continuing to make perfect sense in retrospect. However, both markets represent the economy of the country and offer strong investment opportunities. And, even with the benefits, the risks have to be considered. The real estate index will appreciate five times, but the stock market will not.

Investing in the Stock Market: Compared with other asset classes the profit margin inherent in stock investment has always been higher. Investments in the stock exchange deliver benefits such as efficiency and stability, which immovable do not. Stocks also deliver growth rates that can barely reach the real estate demand.

Investing in Real Estate: Home ownership is the principal form of investment in real estate. Unlike stocks, immovable property is a tangible asset providing greater psychological comfort, security and satisfaction. Also, the return on real estate investment is reasonably consistent because of the property appreciation phenomenon. Share markets are much less reliable.