Independent plot or apartment within a gated community?

Gated Community is a type of residential complex distinguished, often, by high walls and fences. It boasts controlled entrances, monitoring of those who enter the premises, clean surroundings, and amenities. These communities offer freedom from the hassles of everyday civic issues, from water cuts and pebble-strewn streets to living with the stench of unpicked garbage canisters. An apartment a reputed developer has in a gated community is usually a good investment.

In comparison, an individual house is usually tailored to the needs of the consumer. The advantage of having a self-contained house is that it provides ample open space and free living. Whatever the choice, make sure that you pre-determine who will take care of the common facilities such as roads, water, and power supply and back-ups, etc. There are some developments where villas or townhouses with all the benefits that normally come with apartments are provided within the gated complex. These are more expensive but they are a better and trouble-free option. However, you should be prepared to pay increased maintenance fees for these installations.