When is the best stage to buy?

The ready-to-move-in is the ideal option for an end user if you have the required finances. This property would be significantly more expensive than it was at the launch stage, but the buyer is protected against overruns of time and costs and also the EMI payment during the construction period of the house.

A ready-to – move-in property brings in immediate rental income for an investor who wants regular rental returns from his property investment, which even helps to pay back the secured loan to buy the property. If you are a new investor with limited finances, look for an under-construction property with an appropriate payment plan and hold a 2-3 year possession horizon. But make sure that you’re going for a reputed builder.

If you purchase a house at the pre-sale or start-up stage, the buyer charges nominal sums related to building success but still has a long waiting time until the product is liveable or starts to pay for itself. This option is good for new and evolving growth areas on the outskirts of cities where infrastructure is under development itself, and there is a waiting period before it can be lived. Since both infrastructure and housing are being developed simultaneously, when both are ready the user gets the advantage of moving in. It also comes cheaper, since property values are always lower when the area’s infrastructure is under development. The downside of this type of property is that only after a minimum of 24-36 months, will possession happen. You would have to shell out a monthly rent for the place of residence and the EMIs for the new property during this time period.