Where to buy?

Generally speaking, there is a price differential between different locations that will always be proportionate to its strategic positioning that could be linked to accessibility to highways, markets, business districts and overall liveability. It is quite possible that a given area has good infrastructure, market access and means of entertainment, but if it is loaded with existing and upcoming projects, the price rise in that area may not be dramatic, but a gradual one. Via good brokers, one can make an estimation of the number of available and proposed flats in an area and find out in the short term the past price change.

Things to be kept in mind while finalizing the location for your house:

  • The location should be within the approved/sanctioned master plan.
  • The location should have good connectivity.
  • Infrastructure services such as power, water supply, drainage and sewerage should be present.
  • Location should be within an active business activity such as educational institutions, hospitals, IT parks, entertainment hubs, etc.
  • Location should be accessible easily from your workplace.